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Experimental School of Serres

Monday, February 11, 2013

Hello from Serres and a Happy New Year. We haven’t talked since last year!!! We have a lot of new things to tell you. First we went to watch the play “The hunchback of Notre Dame” from the local theatre of Serres. We liked it a lot because there was a lot singing and dancing. On the 21st December our school organized a bazaar with children’s handicrafts. The money from the bazaar was given for charity. On the same day we had our Christmas celebration. Our class participated with two plays. One of the plays was a comedy and the other was a sad one. We were great. We made our parents laugh in one play and be moved in the other. A few days ago we invited one of our class mates’ grandpa to talk about the educational system in the old times. We asked a lot of questions and he told us a lot of interesting things about his daily life when he was a pupil. We were very impressed when he told us that the teachers could beat the children in the past. Another piece of news is that we finished the aromatic boards. They are boards made with different spices such as pepper, anise, cinnamon and different natural material. While we were making them, the school smelled beautiful. We think it was great! Finally, we have a sad piece of news. One of our beloved classmates, Kalliopi, left for Germany with her family to live there. We are very unhappy because we have lived with her for many years. We hope that Kalliopi will read our news and will be happy wherever she is. Lots of kisses We’ll talk to you soon The pupils of E1 class of the Experimental School of Serres

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Pedro Fernández said...

Good to see you again!! Thanks for your news. We are trying the spreaker radio also. Would you like to join us?