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Experimental school of Serres

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hello, from the Experimental school of Serres. We ’ve got our latest news and we would like to share them with you. About two weeks ago, we went to the cinema to watch the short films which were made by pupils. All the films were prize winners. The pupils of the last year’s sixth class of our school took part in this competition and got the second prize. So we watched their film. All the films were brilliant and interesting. Two days later we bought with the money of our class two adorable goldfish. So now we have got class pets. One of them is golden and the other is orange. Their names are Romeo and Juliet. They are very active. On the 28th October we celebrate the “NO” the Greek people said to the fascists in 1940. On the 26th October we had our school celebration. Our class acted in a school play. It was a comedy which satirized the war but the same time it taught us a lot of things. It was a great success. The audience laughed lot and clapped. That’s all for today! We’ll talk again in few days. With love The pupils of E1 class

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2ºDIGITAL said...

Congratulations, you have artists in your class!

Nick Kampouroglou said...

Congrats!!! It all sounds great.