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Our School Tour for 2012

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Every year each class goes on a school tour somewhere in Ireland. This year we went to County Clare.  We visited Shannon Air Venture, Shannon Air And Sea Rescue, the Airport Control Tower and we went bowling in Ennis. At Shannon Air Venture we went in airplane simulators and we all got to have a turn at flying a ‘plane’ and visited the flying museum.   Then we went to the Air and Sea Rescue service, which is the National Coast Guard Service, where we went into a hangar and saw the rescue helicopter.  We all got to chat to the pilots about their jobs, go inside the helicopter, put on the equipment and we got to go into the cockpit.  We saw the new helicopter and their new Holland tractor that they bought to tow it out of the hangar!  In the control tower we saw loads of planes departing from and arriving into the airport and the way they use the phonetic alphabet when they talk to the pilots.  The tour ended with a game of bowling.  We nearly emptied out the slush puppy drinks machine as we drank so much!  It was a great school tour! (News by Seán, Tony, Cathal)

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Pedro Fernández said...

Really? They enjoyed a lot I suppose. How old are these children.

3rd4thCNS said...

They're Third & Fourth Class - between 8 and 11.