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outdor school is over, isn´t it???

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hi everybody! ☺
It seems everything is only past, but we were so excited we cannot forget last week´s experiences so fast!!
we are not ready for that! Nothing is over, experiences in us are still alive! ☺

Our adventure started last Monday - in the swimming pool.
Tuesday  was full of  activities in groups,
on Wednesday challenging but georgeous hiking tour in the mountains,
Thursday riding a profi-scooters and the journey with a special may rain (thanks God we are alive)
and on Friday, the wayback was taken from some part on the river Orava - WE RAFTED! ☺

Our Slovak nature conditions offer a variety of possibilities how to spend a time in nature and to live adventures according to your will. Well, come and see this SLOVAK BEAUTY and live similar days as we lived.


And this was a special view few meters far from our hotel: CLICK AND SEE IT

the cultural part of our outdoor school - wonderful experience on one beautiful castle STREČNO

HAVE A LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7 comentarios:

Pedro Fernández said...

I regret not being a tutor this year because of these moments. Here in my school, at the end of every two years, we go out to sleep with our partners and children out in a hostel, camping, etc. It is the best moment and you'll never forget it.

BiBi ANA SVK said...

hm...pedro..u r welcomed to come here :) and to live the experiences with us :P Slovakia is mux more cheaper than Spain or just to make a good commenius project to go out! :)

but raft here is really an adventure! :)

Walter said...

BiBi... can I book for raft? I miss that experience! Wonderful!!!

BiBi ANA SVK said...

yesssssssssssss, walter! u r welcomed :)
it wont be your sea,but "slovak sea" is not so bad, it´s an adventure and you can see all around mountains and slovak beauty..we r waiting for u - the next experience with u, can be? :P

Walter said...

Of course, done deal! But remember I'm a saltwater fish, it's dangerous for me to fall in freshwater :)
Congratulations for your video...
it's a wonderful place!

Pedro Fernández said...

OOOOh, I'm loving this country. The moment I visit it is getting closer and closer.

By the way, you played my favourite song by Michel Telló, jajaja.

You had a lot of fun. Lucky you guys.

When is going to be our videoconference? It has to be from the 18th to the 22nd of June. We'll be about to get our holidays. See you then.

Meanwhile, we tried to connect today with you via gmail but you weren't there. Ummmm, bad boys, jejeje.

Simonetta said...

Hi Bibi,
what a wonderful experience!!!
I'll miss you too!
Thanks for your contribution!
c u soon