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Dear E-friends good bye!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Today it's our last day of activites in E-twinning. Tomorrow we're having our school musical "Homeide". Everything is ready even if students are very exiceted. We hope it will be funny and nice. When the photos are ready,  we 'll publish them. 
In few days our school year is going to finish and we hope we could go on with this project next year. Bye bye
Nice summer holidays from pupils
"G.B. Angioletti"
Torre del Greco (Italy)

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BiBi ANA SVK said...

we will miss u, dear u think we can meet more here????

Pedro Fernández said...

Dear Simonetta. It was a surprise for me. we are not going to see you till september? This is too much.

We have too many things that we have spoken but we didn't finish.

I was asking my children for their personal mails to write with etwinning students along the summer.

We didn't do the videoconference to introduce each other.

I'm so sad... I didn't know you finished so early.

Are you going to publish something in this time of absence?

You are another great partner and we want to see you again. When do you start school again?

I will inform you what happens with my Comenius, with the Educared contest, etc.

Have a nice summer.

Simonetta said...

Dear Pedro,
We 'll start school in the middle of September,and I hope to keep in touch with everyone of you, because this etwinning experience ME ENCANTO'!!!my mail
We would like to do a Comenius project next year even if I think that our students are of different age.
Keep in touch

Yiota said...

Enjoy your summer holidays!
We have two more weeks to go!