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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter holidays arrived and we are enjoying them. In Spain today is called "Domingo de Ramos" and in this special Sunday we have to wear something new because if we don't wear something for the first time today, "our hands will fall!". This is the tradition, but what is real is that we celebrate this Easter holidays in a different way. Again we have a religious festival and we recreate with a lot of respect and devotion the life and death of Jesus Christ. Here you have a video for you to understand better. We'll keep you informed. This is "Semana Santa" in Úbeda, my town in Jaen (Andalucía) at the south of Spain. This procession is called "Borriquillo" because of the donkey used for Jesus to enter Jerusalen. Do you have something like this?

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BiBi ANA SVK said...

ou Pedroooo, in the feauture, u should inform us earlier :) i wasn´t wearing anything neeeeeeeeeeeewwwww!!!! :) :) :)

I live just in small village, we have just short procession - before the nothing as special as in your country!!!! :)

I need to think to be the next Palm Sunday in Spain :) :) :) thanks for video, interesting - I like the music first fo all!!!!!!!! wow :) I like your traditions!!!!


Simonetta said...

yes, Pedro,
we have the same tradition in the south of Italy.The Domingo de ramos is very important here , and we have processions on thursday and friday night to commemorate Jesus passion and death.
We will be on holiday on wednesday!
Happy Easter to all of you!!!

Simonetta said...

I have seen the's gr8!
I think that Italy and Spain have too much in common

Pedro Fernández said...

I'm surprised with all the similarities between the countries.
Something curious also is that this happens in the South of Italy, like in Spain. There should be a reason...

Petraki Evangelia said...

Pedro, thank you very much for the interesting video and the informations about your traditions!

In Greece we celebrate Easter one week later than you. Palm Sunday is very important for the Orthodox, but we don't have something like this. We have processions on Friday and on Sunday (Easter) to commemorate the passion, burial and the resurrection of Jesus.

Simonetta said...

of course Pedro, there's a reason for such a similarity between Spain and south of Italy because we had the Spanish domination for many, many, many years and we've a lot in common also some words are the same in spanish and in neapolitan dialect.
c u