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Project: Volcanoes and Geysers

Friday, April 20, 2012

Here you have one of the project we are already developing for Science in El Boalo
Javier, Rubén, Jaime and Nacho explain how volcanoes and geysers are created in a really interesting and funny way.
What do you think?

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Simonetta said...

What a nice work!!! Congratulation!
Do you know that we live at the foot of a volcano:the "Vesuvio"?
It's 1281m high. It's in Campania near our city.
700.000 people live at its foot. It's a dangerous and active volcano. Together with Stromboli and Etna that are in Sicilia. Last eruption was in 1944.
We hope it will never wake up!!!
Alessandro Fedeli

Pedro Fernández said...

Alessandro, we hope so. I have been visiting this area you are commenting now and it is impressive. I would like to go again. I learned a lot from this visit.

Pedro Fernández said...

Adriano, great work, my dear partner. Thanks for your effort. Children also did a wonderful activity.

Did they do it on their own? I mean, all the presentation.

2ºDIGITAL said...

They were helped by their families, but it is true that this group works so well and they had all the ideas, such as the experiment, the videos or the funny song.
In the whole video you could see their faces with the explanation of the 'Vesuvio'...