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Park Solanki and Brine Spa

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

 This is a description of the park brine.!

Inowrocław is not only the "city of salt", but also a city of greenery and flowers. The most beautiful and most characteristic green area of the city is a recognized landmark spa park, called the Park of saline or brine. Brine Park has an area of approximately 85 hectares and are located here all the spa facilities and sanatoriums, Graduation, band shell and recreational areas, including among others. tennis courts, a ropes course and gym Field. On the edge of the park is also a summer theater for 1,500 spectators. Every year in the brine blow up more than 100 thousand. planting flowers, which are composed beautiful, very colorful, carefully tended flower carpets. Another 45 thousand. crops are planted on city flowerbeds and lawns. Brine Park is famous for its variety of monuments. Near the band shell is one of the two monuments commemorating the founder of the Sigmund Wilkońskiego brines, the second - which is the spatial form of a medallion - faces a mud bath facility. The pride of the main entrance to the park is a monument to the peacock, who also serves as a sundial.
Olga Siemianowska

Film was created by Madlen

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BiBi ANA SVK said...

Madlen, i´d like to see it live!!!! :)

Simonetta said...

Very good,Olga!

Pedro Fernández said...

Great video. I wish I can go there and visit this wonderful area where you live.