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VIDEOREPORT - Poetry competition (Slovakia)

Monday, March 26, 2012

I promised some videoreport :)...
I  mean it could  look differently in your, hope, I can see one day something similar too - if u like the same as me - poetry...and if it´s possible to show us it... for enjoy and share :) seems more lovers of art is here :) Greetings to all of you! :)

Sunny Slovakia is smiling at u at the moment! :)

4 comentarios:

Pedro Fernández said...

Oh my dear, but this girl is an ARTIST! Didi we are atonished with your performance.

BiBi ANA SVK said...

ojojoooooj Pedro :) we have to work very hard to improve it mux mux more..if we wanna reax something, there are many days of learning ahead :)

but really thanks, i´ll suggest her to read your comment :) trully THANKS!!!!

Walter said...

I participated with my students to some poetry competition last years. We won in some of it.
But not this way... My students have never recited their poetries during a competitions. It's wonderful. I want my students do a similar experience, they have to feel this kind of emotion.
We cross our fingers for Didi!
Congratulations and thanks for sharing

BiBi ANA SVK said...

walter...THANK YOU!!!!

in whix competition did u win??? what was it?

in one month - we have next competition - in english poetry - that will be for me a new experience, cos there r totally different rules...i´d like u can understand :), cos our language is beatifuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul!!! :)

hope, u will attend with your kids some competition more! :)