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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Today, 22.3.2011, my two children presented my class, my school in (for us important) recital competition.
Each school of my town´s area delegates the best reciters in special categories (prose and poesy) to represent.
The base is not just interpret children´s skills in this field of art, but to propagate ancient values, customs...
In each category (6) there were over 20 pupils -the best ones, delegats, and we are so proud of ours!!!! :)

My pupil JOJO reached third place, DIDI will represent us on higher level of this competition (because of her win in poesy category), in another town in May.  I am keen on art, loving art of word..i enjoy this succes so mux :)... Let me share this great today´s feelings and news with you! :)

Do you have any similar kind of competition in your country?????

 I am interested in it..let me know, pls, my project friends :)

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Walter said...

Poetry is the art of turning into words feelings and I love when children approach to this art...

BiBi ANA SVK said...

dakujem WALTEEER!!!! :)
and do u have something similar in Milano???

Walter said...

Of course, there are many poetry competition in Italian schools.
Someone is opened to students from all over Europe too. If you want... We'll inform you :)

Pedro Fernández said...

First of all Bibi I feel totally happy having this news in our project, having you as a participant and sharing this web page with very good writers and students as your students.

Congratulations and thank you to share this moment with all of us.

Second, we have competitions but in our school we haven't participate since too many years ago.

Receive A big hug from Spain.

BiBi ANA SVK said...

Walter, of course i want!!! let me know then, pls :) and do u attend this competition???

Pedro, thanks! :) sorry for mute period..sometimes we r not directions of own lives..

i ´ll give this sunny hug to my darlings!!! :) we r sending slovak hugs to all of u too! :) u don´t know that slovak hug is strong!!! :) so be ready for be squeezed :)

BiBi ANA SVK said...

directors - sorry :)

Petraki Evangelia said...

Great news Bibi ;)
Congratulations to your pupils!!!!
We wish the best to your pupil Didi for the next competition in May!!!

There are poetry competitions for Greek schools but we do not participate the current school year.

Bibi, thank you for updating us on such important new!
We are sending to all of you many many many greek hugs ;)

BiBi ANA SVK said...

Dear Evangelia, thanks for your support!!! i appreciate it!!!!! :)

ajajajaaaaaaaaaaj..your hugs were "tasty" :) :) :) thanks!!!!

Nursah said...

It's beautiful. congratulations! We have like this events at our college. Very fun and flattering.In our school, every month, "Cultural values" drama-poetry-art competitions are titled.

BiBi ANA SVK said...

wow, am amazed some of u have competition like this regurarly!! wow! :)

and do u have any national competitions in it u participate too???

BiBi ANA SVK said...

and Nursah - thanks!!!!

greetingssssss and hugs :)