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Monday, March 19, 2012

Today we celebrate the father's day. This is a religious festival, since today it is Saint Jose, and José was Jesus father.

It is a day when fathers receive presents and a lot of honey from children.

We don't have class the 19th of March. But tomorrow we will come back to continue working.

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Simonetta said...

We did not go to school on 19th of
March not for Father's day, but because in our region (Campania) we remember all the victims of the "camorra" and in particular a priest whose name was Giuseppe Diana.
Annapia from Italy

Simonetta said...

También nosotros hemos hecho fiesta el 19 de Marzo, pero no para celebrar el dia del papà, sino para recordar a las victimas de la "camorra", en particular Don Giuseppe Diana, un cura que luchò contra la "camorra".
Roberta from Italy

Pedro Fernández said...

Thanks Roberta and "Gracias" Anapia for your contribution.

BiBi ANA SVK said...

How is it possible..whole world was celebrating this day like father´s day, but we celebrate another month!!! :) so i will double it when it happend :P :P :P :)

but ok..I was thinking of all father´s :) :) :) and wishing them to be the best for their darlings :)

Nursah said...

2012 Father's Day will be celebrated in Turkey on June 17. Third Sunday of June every year on Father's Day. But it is not a religious celebration. Children are a gift to their father, and prepares a surprise.

Simonetta said...

Well Nursah,
also in England they celebrate father's day on June 17.It's the same day in England and in Turkey!