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Carnival ends today in Milan!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Ambrosian Carnival in Milano is the longest Carnival in Italy.
This Carnival ends the first Saturday of Lent. Today many floats and Milanese characters parading to Piazza del Duomo.
The Ambrosian Carnival, which is held in honor of Bishop Ambrose, has a story behind it. Bishop Ambrose participated in a pilgrimage and announced his return to Milan to celebrate the first rites of Lent in the city. He however didn't come back on time. The Milanese kept on waiting for him and extended the date of the celebrations until he arrived. In the process they even delayed the rite of the Ash in the Archdiocese of Milan which is held the first Sunday of Lent. The tradition of Ambrosian Carnival thus begun in honor of Bishop Ambrose.
This week schools are only open until Wednesday or Thursday
 We celebrated our Carnival last Thursday in our school.

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BiBi ANA SVK said...

thanks for information!!!!
and lovely facesssssssssssss.

Peter said...

Very nice poster! How do you do it? With glogster?

Here we finishes also Carnivals but we are already thinking of the next festival we celebrate at the school. That is Father's day(19th of March), and after that 10 days for Easter holidays.

Walter said...

Thanks Pedro!
No... I'm a fan of GIMP. Do you know it?
I know Glogster and other online tools, they are very nice.
With GIMP I can't do interactive posters but creativity really has no limits.
This poster is very simple, the software potential are enormous.